dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a hosting package where the customer will lease an entire server as opposed to sharing a server via shared hosting, VPS or cloud hosting alternatives. They will have access to the full resources including bandwidth, storage space, and RAM thereby ensuring maximum control.

There are many issues to take into account with regards to dedicated hosting which include:

Enhanced performance

The fact that all of the resources of the server are focused on one particular website ensures maximum efficiency and speed. We live in a world where a delay of more than three seconds in loading a website could see customers disappear to a competitor. So, for many businesses, dedicated servers/hosting is a necessity – not just an option.

Enhanced security

The use of a dedicated hosting package means that the client has full flexibility with regard to the type and level of security they want to add to their server. Compare and contrast this with shared servers where an individual website may be impacted by activities of other websites on the same server. For example, as they operate under the same IP address (that of the physical server), the blacklisting of one website on a shared hosting server could see all websites on that server blacklisted.

Enhanced customization

Whether you have shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting there is a degree of customization available to each account. The lowest level of customization comes with shared hosting accounts although this increases through VPS and cloud hosting until you reach the optimal level with a dedicated server. You can use whatever scripts you like, add any software packages, and precisely customize the settings of the server to suit your website.

dedicated hosting
dedicated hosting

Unique IP address

As we touched on above, if you have a website on a shared server then all websites on that server will be operating under the same IP address. Misdemeanours by any account holders on a shared server can in some circumstances lead to all websites being blacklisted against the IP address. The situation with a dedicated server is very different as the server will have its own unique IP address which is not impacted by any other websites.


With some hosting accounts, it can be difficult to scale up resources to keep track of an expanding website with growing traffic numbers. For example, this may mean switching from a shared hosting account to a VPS (virtual private server) which can take time and planning. If a website is hosted on a dedicated server then you can scale up resources as and when required. This ensures that the website is uploaded as quickly and efficiently as possible which all helps with retaining customers/visitors.


It is safe to say that the cost of a dedicated server is significantly greater than that of a shared, VPS or cloud hosting package. Dedicated hosting accounts are the realm of extremely busy websites that require huge resources and flexibility. In many ways, it is wrong to consider the cost of dedicated hosting against other options because this is akin to comparing apples and pears. If a website needs a dedicated server there is really no option if you want to maintain efficiency and reliability going forward.


The reality is that if a website needs a dedicated hosting account then so be it, there is really no option if you want to provide a reliable and efficient online service. The key is to ensure value for money while also dovetailing resources available on a dedicated server to those required by your website. We hope this helps you understand the benefits of dedicated hosting.